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1 Nov

Dia de los Muertos: The ULTIMATE Birthday Celebration

Last month, I hosted a fabulous Dia de los Muertos 50th birthday party for my husband in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, complete with authentic altar and ofrenda. What better way to celebrate a commemorative milestone, than with a Day of the Dead theme. Enjoy all the details below.

The Invitation

Earlier this year, I was dining with a friend and the ever-so-fabulous Billy Fong at Neiman Marcus Cafe.  As we were chatting about everything under the sun, he showed us the most fantastic invitation I had ever seen. It was that invitation that inspired me to think outside of the envelope for a once in a lifetime celebration.

I immediately knew Paper Planet would be the perfect company for the job. I carefully sourced all of the unique items that went into this invite and worked closely with Julie, the owner of Paper Planet. The results? I think it’s pretty clear; they are talented at what they do.

Calavera Face Painting

I surprised our friends with artists, who painted traditional Dia de los Muertos calavera designs on their faces. A Day of the Dead party isn’t complete without your guests looking like they are ready to honor departed loved ones at the nearby cemetery.

The Altar and Ofrenda

An official Day of the Dead birthday celebration must include an altar with an ofrenda. Fortunately for us, the Hyder House had this beautiful altar build into the architecture. I brought personal photos from home, and the house staff completed the look with traditional items that were used to honor the deceased, including things that Jason loved most, like favorite chocolates, meals and even beverages of choice.

The Tablescape

In keeping with the Dia de los Muertos theme, the florist used plenty of Marigolds with splashes of other brightly colored roses. The orange placemats, yellow napkins, and green glasses tie in all of the floral. Of course, this birthday celebration wouldn’t be complete without original Mexican pottery from San Miguel de Allende, topped off with jewel-crusted menus from Paper Planet.

The Dance Party

After dinner, we headed to the lower loggia for a dance-off, and a dance-off it was. LED bling and a mega bag of Cheetos were the perfect addition to the ultimate competition. The acrylic-lit dance floor provided ideal ambiance lighting to party the night away.

The Party Favors

I firmly believe in party favors. It’s a gracious gesture, and your guest will appreciate the thought, no matter how big or small. In this case, we hosted 10 of our nearest and dearest out of the country, so our party favors were the guest amenity baskets.

In keeping with the theme, the items chosen below all had significant meaning to the weekend. From hydration to hot sauce, sanitation and fashion, I had it fully covered, including the weekend itinerary; if it had only arrived on time from customs.

Stay tuned!

I’m wrapping up my annual ULTIMATE and BEST Holiday lists, which you don’t want to miss. I always do a sleigh load of giveaways that spread cheer all over DFW.

And, did you hear? I’m going to the Academy Awards in March! Over the next few months, I’ll take you on my journey of what it takes to get Oscar ready.

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5 Sep

SoFortWorthIt LOVES Jet-Setting

Welcome to the world of jet-setting. I know what you’re thinking. Why on Earth would she use such a pretentious word??? Well, every other lifestyle blog uses the word travel, and I thought jet-setting sounded a little more fun.

Veuve Clicquot Cellar Tour and Boutique, Reims, France 2015

So, here’s the deal, traveling is a big part of my world. Be it local or not so local, I’m packing y’all in my bags so that you can experience the adventures and rich cultures that I do, through my eyes.

Great Wall of China, Beijing, China 2010
Pak Khlong Talat (flower market) Bangkok, Thailand, 2010
Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China 2010
Tekka Wet Market, Little India, Singapore 2010

I look forward to showing you things you may have never seen or inspiring you with new ideas for your next vacation. I’m absolutely sure you will enjoy reading about my adventures! I’ll also show you how you can book that next trip out of Dodge!

Orient Express
Eastern & Orient Express from Thailand through Malaysia, 2010
The whole crew with us, Eastern & Orient Express, 2010

I’ll be traveling the world and in Texas too, and would love to travel to you! If you’d like to book SoFortWorthIt, contact [email protected] I’ll get my suitcase packed, and leave on a jet plane.