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17 Sep

Welcome To SoFortWorthIt

Welcome to SoFortWorthIt

Welcome to SoFortWorthIt! SoFortWorthIt is a Fort Worth based lifestyle blog by Christy Dunaway Smith, featuring the latest in beauty, entertaining, fashion, jet-setting, the local social scene and more.

SoFortWorthIt was originally created in 2012 when our dear friend Hal, owner of Fort Worth Magazine, asked if I would become their social blogger. As a Fort Worth native, I was thrilled because I am so passionate about our city! One evening while my mother and I were enjoying cocktails and brainstorming blog ideas, the name SoFortWorthIt was born.

For more than four years, I was fortunate to share my expertise and experiences with Fort Worth Magazine readers. I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to explore many fun topics with the support of the magazine. I developed a new confidence, and now I’m branching out on my own to showcase more content more often! I will still cover entertaining, home and interior design, social events and dining, travel, holidays, health and beauty…and maybe some personal drama too.

What better way to get started than to reacquaint ourselves?

I was born and raised in Fort Worth. Growing up, I attended Country Day, All Saints and Arlington Heights. During my 8th grade year, I went to school in Dallas, lived in Big D with my grandparents for a few summers in high school, and attended Southern Methodist University for college. While at SMU, I started dating my sweet husband Jason, who I met at a stop light. For a long time I was a dual city girl, attending events and making my society debuts in both Dallas and Fort Worth, but after graduation, I decided to plant my roots in The Fort.

Steeple Chase Ball with my parents in 1996.
Visiting with friends at a debutant ball in Dallas in 1997.
Dancing with my grandfather, Francis Winn.

Jason and I have two boys. Our first born rule follower is twelve, and my mini-me party animal just turned nine. We have a cat named Spooky Boots, and a Lab we call Boo (both pets were adopted in October). We also have a rotating door of critters ranging from parakeets, turtles, snakes, hedgehogs, and whatever other heartbeats my kids collect along the way. Oh, and let’s not forget about the amphibian in our kitchen that my kids won at the rodeo, aka Kitchen Fish. We affectionately refer to our house as The Smith Family Zoo!

Family and faith are important to me. Without getting too wordy, I’d like to emphasize that I am a non-stereotypical Christian – an open-minded, social drinking, occasional F-bomb dropping (but never around my children) kind of Christian. We attend a bible church regularly, I cherish my mom’s group bible study, and I love being a youth leader at VBS in the summer when there isn’t a travel conflict on the calendar. I try my best to put God first, husband second, and kids third – except when it’s not possible to go in that exact order, which is frequently. I mean, who are we really kidding, let’s be honest here.

Besides faith and family, my true love is entertaining. I enjoy doing this because it forms relationships and brings everyone together to celebrate even life’s smallest joys. I owe my love for this “sport” to my parents and grandparents, who hosted magical parties for all occasions with amazing food, breathtaking decorations, and ever-present entertainment.

I believe my passion for entertaining is best seen in the exquisite details of each event, from wildly wonderful tablescapes to unexpected surprises.

Although I love going for the wow factor, I appreciate a simple approach when it comes to entertaining, too.

Design is also top on my passion list! Whether it’s a room in your home or a perfectly decorated table, stellar design sets the tone for everything! Not only will I showcase fabulous interior spaces and beautiful tablescapes from my own home, but we will go behind the scenes for different occasions to explore other people’s homes and the way they entertain and decorate.

Here’s a little taste of what else you’ll experience on SoFortWorthIt:

Beauty: Maintaining the Fountain of Youth, anti-aging secrets, beauty education, current trends, product launches, personal services and more.

Design: Decorating tips, styling tricks, trade secrets, home and garden tours, and antique shopping.

Entertaining: Simple to grand-scale tablescapes, floral design, holiday inspiration and dining, parties and even hostess tips and etiquette.

Jet-Setting: From local staycations to global adventures, city tours and excursions, experience the exciting journey through my eyes.

SFWI-Scene: Everything fun and fab in The Fort, grand openings, restaurant events, and all the places to see and be seen.

Style: Casual to couture apparel, costume to precious jewels, in-store events and fashion shows in and around DFW.

Wellness: Healthy recipes, organic foods, the power of essential oils, holistic lifestyle, and sharing what I’ve learned along the way from my own health journey.

The Calendar: Your go-to spot for social and charity events and so much more.

Subscribe via email to stay up to date with SoFortWorthIt. GIVEAWAYS are the best part of SoFortWorthIt! Almost every post will have a prize for a lucky local. From helicopter rides, rodeo boxes, concerts, restaurants and even tickets to sold out galas, I’ve got you covered! In fact, SoFortWorthIt has given away over $50,000 worth of prizes since 2012!

I know you’ll enjoy reading SoFortWorthIt. I’m excited to continue sharing everything I love with you and hope to inspire you along the way. As always, I LOOOOVE hearing from you and reading your comments. SoFortWorthIt wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for all of your LIKING and SHARING of my posts! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means the world to me. xoxo

16 Sep

SoFortWorthIt LOVES Beauty

When I was a little girl, my mom always said to me, “beauty comes from the inside.” I never quite understood what she meant. I thought, how could your guts be pretty? It wasn’t until the dreaded, hormonal, pre-teen phases of middle school, when I started to realize what she was trying to tell me. People’s behaviors determined if they were truly beautiful or not. I feel very fortunate my parents emphasized the importance of inner beauty, because no matter what you look like on the outside, if your inside isn’t beautiful, then you’re just plain ugly.

Me, at age three.

Truthfully though, no matter who you are on the inside or out, we all want to look the best we can, right?

Fort Worth Star Telegram, Class Acts, 1991.

Well, you have come to the right place! I can’t wait to share with you the amazing world of maintaining your fountain of youth. Speaking of youth, here are two dear friends of mine who know more about beauty products than anyone else I know.

Lisa, on the left, is the founder of LA FACE, an all natural and organic luxury skincare line. She definitely knows the science behind age defying. Kathryn, on the right, has tried every beauty product known to man, no joke. In fact, she travels with a duffle bag filled to the brim with all of her lotions and potions.

These gals are my go-to when it comes to trying something new or answering any questions I might have about ingredients. I look forward to sharing their opinions here in SFWI Loves Beauty!

I’ll talk about what’s happening in the DFW area with current trends, beauty education, and products & services.

I’ll also share all the details of the products I’m using and my current routine.

Charlie Price, hairstylist to the stars, Charlie & Co., 2017.
Makeup application at the Chanel counter, Neiman Marcus, 2017.
Airbrush makeup application, Bella Retreat, 2016.

Most importantly, I will never write sponsored content about a product or brand that isn’t already a natural fit for myself. I will always stay true to my readers. If you see something here, rest assured I love it, and it’s worth trying!

SoForthWorthIt is always on the hunt for the holy grail of luxurious beauty products and trends. If you have a product that meets my standards, I’d love to collaborate! Reach out to

7 Sep

SoFortWorthIt LOVES Design

Growing up a Dunaway gave me the advantage of being exposed to fine interiors and furnishings. My parents had impeccable taste, and because of that, I was unknowingly conditioned at an early age to appreciate the history of antiques and architecture. I have many fond memories of taking antique shopping trips, local and abroad, and even sitting in on meetings to help make decisions with my mom and renowned designer, Gerald Tomlin, former appraiser on Antiques Roadshow.

Gerald Tomlin. IMAGE- D Magazine
Gerald Tomlin. IMAGE- D Magazine

Although I’m not a decorator by profession, I have a keen eye when it comes to interior design and achieving a look that people fall in love with. I can’t wait to share my decorating tips, styling tricks, and trade secrets with you!

Smith home living room deep

Being married to a guy who used to build homes as a profession has its benefits too. We recently finished a remodel in our home, and as soon as I have our newly decorated basement professionally photographed, I’ll take you on a tour. In the mean time, here are a few pictures before and during reno. Since my husband was the general contractor, and because my opinions were heavily involved, it was definitely one of the more difficult projects he had taken on. Imagine that!

Some of you might be asking if I have an interior designer who helps me. The answer is an emphatic yes!! I have several talented people who I consult and bounce ideas around with. Each one of them brings an important aspect to the table to help me make the best decision on rolling forward with a project.

HOME and GARDEN TOURS! Holy moly we are going to have some serious home tours and garden tours. We all know everyone likes to take a peek inside a fabulous home, right? Well, this is the place to fulfill all your voyeuristic desires, cause I have visited and seen some of the best of the best! There’ll be so much eye candy, you won’t know what to do with yourself!

Is your home designed to the smallest detail? Do people walk in and immediately ask for your decorator’s number? Then your home should be featured in SoFortWorthIt! Email to show off your amazing home sweet home.