Kicking off the Jewel Charity Season

Kristine Kelly, Jennifer WIlliamson, Cami Thompson, Michelle Marlow, Christy Smith, Brooke Lively

Last month, Jewel Charity kicked off its 2021 season (and its 68th year!) with a fabulous fete honoring the new members who joined this year and last year. The event, cleverly called the “New Member Party,” was held at a super-chic chateau on the city’s West Side. Guests mixed and mingled on the terrace of Whitney Hyder More’s late parents. Everyone enjoyed breathtaking views and scrumptious bites courtesy of Fount Board & Table, which created a decadent 16-foot-long charcuterie grazing table.

I co-chaired the party with my cousin, Cami Thompson, and let me tell you; the event was straight fire. How could it not be with a musician named “Big Mike”? Our fantastic committee – Janie Harper, Kristine Kelly, Brooke Lively and Jennifer Williamson – worked tirelessly to make all of our new members feel welcome and embrace longtime supporters. None of which could have been possible with out President, Michelle Marlow, at the helm.

Life has certainly been a rollercoaster lately, but one thing hasn’t changed: Cook Children’s Medical Center is still caring for kids, no questions asked.

This extraordinary hospital provides cutting-edge medical care to even the littlest patients partly because of its support from Jewel Charity, a volunteer organization made up of Fort Worth’s most generous women. Thanks to their fundraising – and fun-raising! – efforts, they’ve raised over $77 million to help cover the hospital’s healthcare coverage gap.

Big Mike
Joy Ann Havran, Victor Medina, Yancy Bradford, Susan Medina

Throughout the coming months, Jewel Charity will hold various parties, all of which lead up to the Big Kahuna Party: The Jewel Charity Ball.

This epic gala is Jewel Charity’s signature event, and this year Tiffany & Co. is the luxury jeweler. It’s not uncommon for the guest list to stretch to 2,000 people! After everyone eats, drinks, dances and bids on silent auction items and buys chance tickets, every guest gets to take home The Jewel Book, a coveted coffee-table tome filled with sponsored photos and tributes.

Cami Thompson, Melissa Tapp, Natalie Martin
Tanya & Bill Runyon, Kristine & Whit Kelly, Phillip Williamson
Robert & Tara Warren, Pete Giuliani, Shannon Bradley
Sarah & Jimmy Davis
Jesse & Sabrina Speirs, Patty Williams, JJ and Eric Contreras

If you’d like to be involved as an Angel (recognized donors who graciously give between $2,500 and $500,000) or a business sponsor, please visit

PHOTO CREDIT: Canon Elizabeth Photography

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