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Mallory Jones

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mallory Jones and I’ve had the pleasure of being Christy’s right-hand person over the past year. I am the person behind the scenes tweaking, editing, and keeping this engine churning.

Quick background on me: I was an executive for Target for 7 years. I spent the majority of that time in asset protection dealing with theft, fraud, safety and security. I finished my time at Target as a human resources executive. As much as I loved Target as a company, I knew God had more in store for me. Dictating my own hours was the plan. I left Target in 2016 to travel for a while, as travel has always been my passion. I decided to combine my love of travel with investigations and became a travel advisor for a small boutique agency – You Deserve It Vacations (YDIV). At YDIV, I design all-encompassing travel itineraries for groups, couples and solo travelers to guarantee an unforgettable experience. 


My fitness trainer introduced me to Autumn Reo, CEO of the Reo Agency. Autumn, in turn, introduced me to Christy. Originally, Christy brought me in for my impeccable organization skills but my role quickly evolved. The phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” has never been more truer. 

I am a jack of all trades but, the difference with me is, I am a master of them all

Mallory Jones

Christy was on the hunt for a unicorn for months. While organizing her office I came across a stack of resumes that were sent to her. At that point I felt it was necessary to inform her of my years of human resource experience and offer my services. Christy was overwhelmed due to a slew of personal thing that had transpired over the last year and, therefore, thrilled to have my help. I sifted through the resumes and identified promising candidates. After I created a list of job requirements and helped conducted interviews, Christy discovered that the unicorn she was looking for was me! After discussing salary and a schedule that worked for the both of us, I was able to be an effective unicorn for Christy while balancing my full-time career as a travel advisor.

This past year with Christy has honestly been non-stop laughter. If you know Christy then you understand. Christy is kind, passionate, a supportive “supervisor”, and so much fun. We work well together because I believe in Christy’s vision; and I hope to make her life a bit easier in an effort to assist her in fulfilling her vision.

The following is a list of things I’ve learned while working with Christy a.k.a. Ms. SoFortWorthIt.

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Things I’ve Learned as a Unicorn

1. Be a quick learner. At any given moment Christy is going to ask me how to do something super random. I’ve learned to be ready to figure it out and deliver.

2. Go with the flow. Things change at a rapid pace in Christy’s world. I’ve learned how to adapt and roll with the punches. Some days we are planning blog content and then the next I could be in her parents basement posting South African baskets to sale on Facebook. Boy I tell you she really keeps me on my toes!

3. Have a strong work ethic. Christy leaves me to my own devices. She is not a micromanager (which I love) and she expects me to get things done autonomously.

4. Be a self-starter and motivator. Not only am I running my own business but I am running Christy as well. Sometimes it is like herding cats, but I’ve become a master herder. “Come on Christy it’s time to get out of bed.”.

5. Be ridiculously organized. Christy is the queen of piles. Piles are everywhere so I have learned to help her weed through them and make eliminations. OMG and don’t get me started on her computer desktop. I didn’t know you could create piles there too but she has accomplished it.

6. Be trustworthy & have good energy. We work at Christy’s home and her home always needs to feel like a safe place. I bring positive energy – no bad vibes allowed!

7. Serve as an accountability partner. When Christy gives herself a deadline she will always add time to it. So, I have to hold her accountable to the goals we set. 

8. Expect to be dry-humped. No, seriously. It is how Christy shows excitement and love. 

9. Love pets. Boo and Spooky are part of the package. They love to lounge around the office with us. Spooky even choose my lap as her nap spot one time. Pet beds for the office are on the way.

10. Be ready for cocktail time! Once a blog is posted, a contract is signed, a contract is fulfilled, or it is Tuesday…it is cocktail time! You want a quick story? There was this one time that Christy was going to make us some martinis but didn’t have any Vermouth. No worries! She just called the country club and ordered 2 martinis to go. WHAATT?? Next thing I know we jump in the car, drive maybe 2 mins, pull into the country club drive way and low and behold the valet handed us our drinks. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Being a unicorn has it’s perks!

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Christy is a wife, mama, community volunteer, and master party planner. She loves Jesus and all things fun and fab in The Fort. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest.

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