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Mouty Shackelford (pronounced like Mootie), is the originator and creative force behind Artsy Scoop. What is Artsy Scoop you ask? Well, to fill you in, Artsy Scoop is an innovative platform that spotlights local artists, Galleries, Collectors, and Arts Events. Her blogs and videos are always insightful and never fail to entertain. Mouty herself is a breath of fresh air, always upbeat and filled with enthusiasm. In case you don’t already know her, she is a fabulously talented award-winning mixed media artist.

We first met at the Kimbell Red Party in 2018. She was selected as one of a handful of artists to show her work to sell at the auction event. Not only did her piece sell, but the event raised over $100,000.00 that year. Our conversations ranged from childhood shenanigans to the latest in the arts and fashion. We had numerous laughs over our kiddos and a few serious moments over the state of the world. All in all, we covered the gamete as one tends to do with great company and ever-flowing cocktails at black-tie events.

It turns out that Mouty is originally from New Orleans and spent some of her early childhood there. Her father’s architecture business took the family to Dallas for a brief stint and then eventually to Pasadena, CA. She grew up a true California girl through high school, then returned to Dallas and studied at my alma mater SMU, eventually transferring to and graduating from Northwestern University in Chicago. She loved summers in Chicago, but the winters not so much. The Windy City chills drove her back to southern California, where she worked in the entertainment industry for a number of years. Her credits include Ben Affleck’s and Matt Damon’s Project Greenlight as well as numerous other shows, including the Survivor series.

Mouty met her husband Carter during her LA days in the industry. The two married and Carter, a Fort Worth native, convinced his bride to move back to Texas. They pulled up stakes in LA and headed for Austin, but after a short time there, they decided that Cowtown would be a better fit. They wanted a more family-oriented environment for their son Cooper. Carter’s family has always considered Fort Worth to be home base for the Shackelford clan, so it was sort of a no-brainer. 

Mouty set up a studio and has continued to produce her Sewn Paint Art Style pieces and she contributes to Texas Women for the Arts, a branch of the Texas Cultural Trust of which she is a legacy member. In 2020 many people were forced to take a step back and reevaluate careers. It was during this period Mouty decided to create Artsy Scoop and plow all of her creative energies into the platform. She spent almost two years developing it and then launched it in 2021 to rave reviews. She has sponsored several events with Art Tooth as well as the Cufflink Gallery and has a number of really interesting new projects that I am sworn to secrecy on.

Speaking of the scoop, Mouty recently came to my home to do a special feature about me on Artsy Scoop, and I couldn’t have been more excited. As an SMU grad from the Meadows School of Arts, it was a real treat to be interviewed for her vlog. We sat down, and I shared about my creative side, the artwork I have produced, the art I have commissioned from local artists, including Nancy Lamb and John Holt Smith. I even gave her a full tour of our home and showed her some of the pieces we have collected over the years. It was such a delight to host her in mi casa. Needless to say, we have hung out a few times since. Mouty is such a great conversationist and enjoyable to be around.

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