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13 Oct

Shop Local with Christmas in Fort Worth + $8K GIVEAWAY

Keep Your Christmas Shopping Local This Season

What if I told you I could boost your mood with a single word? This word is synonymous with all good things, like hope, happiness, family, faith, cookies, cakes, gratitude and gifts. You’ve probably figured out by now that I am talking about CHRISTMAS.

But this isn’t just any regular Christmas season, this is a COVID Christmas, and shopping local has never been more important than it is right at this very moment. Our precious local retail businesses in FW need some extra love this holiday season.

My friends at LOCAL Design Studios + Gallery have put together an incredible, COVID-compliant shopping event called Christmas in Fort Worth. More than 40 local retailers have joined together to spread the spirit of the season with amazing items, special deals, seasonal refreshments and … wait for it … A GIVEAWAY SO BIG IT’LL BLOW YOUR DONDER AND BLITZEN!!

It all kicks off THIS WEDNESDAY, October 14 and runs through October 17. Just think, you can cross off everyone on your gift list while also supporting the locally owned businesses that keep Fort Worth vibrant, creative and way better than Dallas. Be sure to circle back to my blog to share what you’ve bought – and whether it’s naughty or nice!

The $8,500 Christmas GIVEAWAY

In honor of kicking off the Christmas in Fort Worth shopping experience, I’ve pulled together some of my very favorite local retailers for the most incredible INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY Fort Worth has ever seen! And one very very lucky winner is going to walk away with over $8,500 in incredible gifts.

It’s actually quite simple on how to enter. Just click HERE and you’ll be well on your way to potentially winning Santa’s Sack of loot in a Jack Frost second!

b Kids $58 Spiritual Gangster Sweatshirt + $50 Gift Card
Bee Street Gallery $200 Gift Card
Birdie $250 Woven Tote + $50 Gift Card
Bow Next Door $50 Shop Credit
Brooke Wright Designs $800 Shopping Party w/ 8 friends
Casey & Co $275 Louis Vuitton cuff and necklace
CB Furs $95 Fox Headband/Neck Warmer in Cobalt
$90 Cashmere Gloves in Black
Clearly Handbags $185 Purse with Strap
Climate FW $125 Patagonia Pullover
Covey House $100 Gift Card
Cowtown Made $50 Gift Card
Domain XCIV $150 Gift Card
Esther Penn $50 Gift Card
Feastivities $250 Gift Card
GalleyWinter Gallery $50 Ginger Ray Walker Art Piece
Grove + Coop $200 Booking Credit
Haltom’s Jewelers $750 Lagos Sterling Black Caviar
and Diamond Bracelet
House Essential $100 Gift Card
Into the Garden $100 Gift Card
JAG Jewelry and Goods $210 George in Blue Shirting
John L Ashe $500 Gift Card
Keeping up with the Joneses $100 Gift Card
Kori Green Jewelry $100 Gift Card
Lila Hayes $150 Gift Card
Move Athleisure $375 worth of Gift Card + Product
Park + Eighth $85 Candle with 22Kt Gold Embellishments
Prippie $100 Gift Code
PS The Letter $125 Fall bundle
PS The Letter Paper $100 Stationery Set
RM Rynd Interiors $175 Agate Bookends
Shop Small – The Collective $50 Gift Card
Simple Things $300 Gift Card
Stanley Eisenman Shoes $130 Running Shoes
The Squire Shop $500 Gift Certificate for Peter Millar Products
Three FW $125 Gift Card
Tot to Teen $38 Enewton Egirl Necklace
Wag $400 Buffalo print Dog Bed, Treats + more
WRARE $120 Bullet Proof Shotgun Shell Barware of 4
Wright at Home $110 Vietri Tumbler Set of 4
You Deserve It! Vacations $500 Travel Credit
7 Oct

10 Tips on Organization For a Covid Garage Sale

In case you missed me on WFAA Good Morning Texas, here is the video! Enjoy my organizational tips below for a socially distanced garage sale.

Covid quarantine brought out that inner professional organization skills in all of us and I bet you, like me, have a ton of stuff sitting around to put money back in your wallet. Time for a Covid Garage Sale!

All of you know that garage sales are my jam but the real magic happens in the set up. Organizing and arranging stuff for the sale is my favorite part of a garage sale – it totally satisfies my OCD.

Christy’s Favorite 10 Tips for Covid Garage Sale Organization

1. Be sure to have lots of plastic folding tables and garment racks, even if you have to borrow some from friends and neighbors. This way people can be spread out and not bunched together.

2. Use cardboard boxes to hold bulk items.

3. You can buy signs or create signs to remind people to socially distance from each other.

4. If you have items with multiple small parts, put them into various sized ziplock bags and mark the price with a sharpie. This keeps things from getting separated when people rummage. This works especially well for toys with small/multiple parts. Plus is keeps the item sterilized.

5. Use a tagging gun for clothing. I like to note the size, price and also measurements if something has been altered like the inseam.

6.  Don’t forget the dough! The day before your sale, stop by the bank and get $100-125 in change per money handler. In order to keep money from exchanging hands you can even encourage people to use Venmo, Zelle or CashApp.

7. Have hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE. It encourages people to be mindful while shopping the garage sale.

8. Have paper grocery sacks ready to give to shoppers as they arrive to make it easier to shop your treasure trove. Save your bags throughout the year for ample supply.

9. Require people to wear mask. Have a box of disposable mask available to those who may have forgotten. We’ve all been there!

10. Champagne is still a must at any garage sale! The way to do it during covid is buy having baby bottles and cans for people to individually take.

Be sure to click HERE to find out how to be a full on Garage Sale Boss!


Feeling uncomfortable attending a garage sale in person? Then I highly recommend buying items on Facebook Market Place, or from local neighborhood Facebook groups. In fact, because of this exact reason, our family started the DUNAWAY LIVING-ESTATE HOUSE PURGE group where our families post times for sale from our estates. 


And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the know about our THREE GENERATION’S ESTATE SALE coming up. Cause it will truly be So Fort Worth It!

6 Oct

10 Tips for Total Garage Sale Domination

Be a Garage Sale Boss

Who doesn’t love a bargain? I certainly do, which explains why I’ve collected so much stuff over the years. Toys. Clothes. Kitchen Gadgets. Between my parents purging their leftovers onto me, whatever it is, I’ve probably owned two of it. It slowly piles high and takes over everything in my house, and when that happens, it makes me feel anxious and slightly – OK, seriously – overwhelmed. And that’s when I know it’s time for another garage sale.

Longtime readers will recognize these warning signs from the last time clutter made me almost institutionalized in a straightjacket (read about it here). And just like the last time, there’s only one thing to do: Let it goooooo like Elsa: And as I always say, if you don’t love something, set it free. And offload it in a giant tag sale.

I’m no stranger to selling stuff en garage. Honestly, my first memory of front-porch peddling was at the age of four when my parents had a garage sale in their first home. And my grandparents Sally & Punkin Dunaway were the master garage-sellers of all time. I guess this is where I got my knack, so I started hosting my own garage sales beginning in college when I attended SMU. I mean, a woman’s gotta purge when a woman’s gotta purge, amIright?

Over the years, I’ve honed my techniques to speed up sales and maximize profits while minimizing looky-loos and randos trying to sneak five-finger discounts. So, in the spirit of sweet deals, I’m going to give you my Top Ten Tips for Epic Garage Sales, absolutely free, so you, too, can be a Yard Sale Boss!

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 5.16.13 PM
Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 5.16.30 PM

Christy Dunaway Smith’s Top Tips on How to Host an Epic Garage Sale

1. Plan Ahead

Epicness doesn’t just happen. It’s a process. Throughout the year, I collect merchandise around the house, price it, and then toss the unwanted and unused stuff into a few boxes that I keep in the garage. Usually, I start with the small stuff. Not everything gets set aside – I do sell some items on local FB pages, but I always make sure to keep plenty of fabulous big ticket items for my Epic Sale.

2. Monitor Quality from the Start

My garage sales are EPIC because I don’t sell junk. Before I toss stuff into the box, I make sure it works, it’s unstained, it’s got all the parts, and the batteries are still good.

3. Be a Great Hostess

I always serve Champagne and OJ at my garage sales. People love hospitality, and you’d be surprised what people decide they need to buy after chugging a Mimosa!

4. Get Your Family Into the Act

My sales always include lots of items donated from my parents home (they purge too), and sometimes the boys will sell donuts, kolaches, and lemonade. It takes a village to sell stuff to villagers!

5. Be Social but Stay Safe

I genuinely love people, and I genuinely enjoy chatting with strangers, and dogs for that matter, from all walks of life. Through all the years I’ve been hosting garage sales, I’ve only experienced a few instances where someone has stolen from me. It sucked, but at the end of the day, it’s just stuff. Most important are my kids and ensuring their safety. If they’re on-site, they never leave my sight.

6. Sweeten the Pot

I always keep a 25¢ box filled with small toys and trinkets for kids to get a little something extra while rummaging with their parents. When adding up the total that people owe, I throw in a few of these tiny treats. It makes the parents feel like they got a bonus, and the kids love getting something new.

7. Make it Easy

I always mark my house with balloons and place a few signs at nearby intersections. In the past, I’ve hired off-duty police officers to manage crowd control and traffic flow – nothing kills a shopping mood like a bottlenecked traffic jam. We just invested in street cones to control the parking situation.

8. Getting the Word Out

When it comes to advertising our sale, I turn to social media. It’s effective, and the price is right! (Free!). I post on my personal FB page, in a few buy/sell and mommy forums on Facebook and on Next Door. I also create an event on FB to help guide people to our location, which becomes a reminder for them right before the sale starts.

9. Enlist the Troops

Never host a garage sale without several friends helping, especially during the first few hours. These thrifty shoppers come in droves and swoop in on all your slashed-to-sell goodies as soon as you open the gates! I always have 4-6 people helping me with the sale, and I pay them in $100 credit towards their purchase of my seconds.

10. Be Smart about Pricing

Here’s my unofficial pricing method: Depending on the age and condition of the items, we usually mark things between 50%-90% off retail. If it’s a brand new item with or without tags, or something super unique or vintage, I do a little research to see what that item is selling for on eBay, The Real Real or 1stDibs. And then I mark accordingly to align with a similar price point that was listed.

Check out my bonus tips and tricks on how to organize and plan a garage sale during a pandemic, HERE!


And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the know about our THREE GENERATIONS ESTATE SALE coming up. Cause it will truly be So Fort Worth It!