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10 Dec

Top 5 Luxury Gift Guide

Top 5 luxury gift guide

Who doesn’t love a gift guide flush with luxury? Well, look no further, ’cause here are the budget-busting must-haves you’ve been waiting for! Half-joking aside, I really want to share with you what I’ve absolutely LOVED over the past year. This guide isn’t brought to you by a letter, number or a vowel. It’s a totally independent, unsponsored list of fabulous finds curated entirely by me that ranges from the affordable to the aspirational. So here goes — my five true favorites of 2019, along with a GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY at the bottom of this post!

luxury tata harper
We all know that skincare is every girl’s best friend, so when I started using Tata Harper earlier this Fall, it became my newest beauty obsession and it’s the perfect way to start off this luxury gift guide. Using this line over the past three months has left my skin feeling softer than a baby’s bottom, and I’ve never received so many compliments on my glow. And my skin doesn’t just look better, it’s also healthier: Tata Harper is 100% vegan and free of GMOs, toxins, fillers, artificial and synthetic crap. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what your skin needs but you can’t go wrong with Tata Harper. A great place to start is with the daily essentials or a gift package
luxury otto grill
Who says a girl can’t grill? Well let me tell you, my Otto Grill makes me feel like a Grill Gone Wild. I gave this to Jason for Fathers Day, but I secretly bought this cool tool so I could have fun replicating the perfect B&B Butcher’s and Restaurant steaks. With its incredible searing ability (yes, this machine heats up to 1500 degrees in 3 minutes flat!) this portable steak-maker creates steakhouse steak that have a decadent, crusty outside and a tender, juicy inside. But wait, I know what you’re thinking … isn’t Christy Smith a vegan? I am! But a girl can at least dream of sinking her canines into a perfectly cooked carcass, right?
Marky's Caviar
If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I have a weakness for caviar. It’s actually the only time I break from my strict vegan protocol. But not just ANY caviar. I’ll only throw my dietary restrictions out the window for the best, and to me, that’s Marky’s. Not everyone is familiar with caviar so this little tasting gift set is the perfect place to start if you need a little guidance. Marky’s has been my go-to source of luxurious caviar for several years. This independent, family-owned company has been in business since 1983. Each order is hand packed and its commitment to caviar quality is legendary. Don’t be intimidated when you see caviar service at an exclusive event or private party, just know you have arrived. 

2. Ylang23

luxury gift ylang23
Not sure what to buy for your bae? It’s time to bring on the bling! A go to for luxury gifts. I promise you, women love jewelry, and they ESPECIALLY love getting to pick out their own jewels! Ylang23 makes the process fun, exciting and meaningful, whether you’re shopping solo or making it a couple’s outing (Jason always goes jewelry shopping with me — best date night ever!). Even better, Ylang23’s selection of unique designs by independent jewelry designers is unparalleled, and you’re guaranteed to find a gorgeous bauble for every budget. A few pieces that I have been admiring this year are HERE, HERE, and HERE.
Luxury Park Place Merceds
What girl hasn’t had the dream of waking up on Christmas morning and finding a brand new shiny car in the driveway, topped with a big red bow? I know I have, and it still hasn’t happened (hint, hint Santa Jason!). I’ve had the chance to get up close and personal with many of the top new models such as a GLE SUV, E-Class Sedan or Maybach S560– so many, in fact, that I would have a hard time deciding which Mercedes I want most. But trust me, I’d figure it out! No matter your budget, Park Place Motorcars has the perfect car to fulfill your Christmas wish!

SoFortWorthIt GIVEAWAY!!!

Ok y’all, in honor of the holiday season and the birth of baby Jesus Christ, I present to you the perfect gift from my luxury gift guide that ANYONE would want to win! Little Drummer Boy roll please …

A weekend use of a beautiful Mercedes GLE SUV or E-Class Sedan from Park Place Motorcars. You can cruise around town and experience true luxury in a top of the line vehicle.

Must be 21 or older with a valid Driver’s License and valid car insurance to be eligible.

Valid to be redeemed in 2020.

Announcing the winner on December 23rd, 2019. 

29 Nov

My Hilarious Test Drive Videos in a Park Place Mercedes

Mercedes Park Place

If someone asks you if you want to drive a brand new Mercedes Benz, say yes. So when Park Place General Manager George Johnson called and asked me if I wanted to swing by the dealership and slip behind the wheel of an all- new 2020 GLE SUV for a test drive, you know I was halfway there before he even hung up. Enjoy watching these four hilarious videos of me and George in a Mercedes.

Maybe it’s because we’re almost family that George didn’t mind when I got real with him during our test drive when I asked the first question that popped into my head: What happens if I crash this sweet new $50,000 ride?  Cool-as-a-cucumber George didn’t even flinch. He just said I would have to buy it. Of course, I would gladly welcome a new ride, but not a banged up one.

He just started telling me about the GLE’s amazing safety features – features that don’t just keep you alive in a crash but actually prevent a problem from even happening! Like a self-driving mode, an on-board computer and even a computer system that makes it easier to drive between the lines. Genius. This car is practically unwreckable.

In this video, George talks about what makes Park Place such a special place. One reason is, it’s really a one-stop-shop kind of place — you can walk into your neighborhood Park Place dealership and have access to any car on any lot across their 17 Texas dealerships. From Bentley to McLaren to Maserati to Volvo and Lexus, if Park Place has it on one of their lots, they’ll ship it to your local Park Place so you can check it out. 

In this video, what made George squirm and you won’t beleive what I said about the woman in the car next to us.

Check out this video where George spills the beans on the craziest thing a client ever left in a Mercedes trade-in and I share some personal stories from my childhood in the Fort. 

Besides driving around with George, one of the things I love most about Park Place is working with its service department. My Mercedes has been one of the most reliable cars I’ve ever had, but as you know with any car, you have to have it serviced regularly to keep it humming. Most people dread this part of car ownership, but I actually like it because of the amazing people that work at Park Place. The company has around 140 employees in its service department, and Park Place has a tradition of training and promoting its people so they grow and stay with the company.

Here, George shares an inspiring story of one valued service department member’s humble start from River Crest Country Club’s valet to climbing the corporate ladder at Park Place Mercedes. 

That’s because Park Place Motorcars is all about customer service — for them, it’s relationships over transactions. They have People Passion — it’s one of the company’s core values. They treat you as one of the family, building your trust through honesty, respect and unwavering integrity. 

It all explains why Park Place is so different from other dealerships. When you watch these videos, you’ll definitely understand why Park Place is My Place — and it should be your place, too. 

Photography by Laura McCarthy/Elusive Images

Videography by Josh Mills/Desert Wind Films

SoFortWorthIt GIVEAWAY!!!

You can start showing your passion for Park Place right now by winning a $100 gift card towards the selection of Mercedes Merchandise in my AMAZING GIVEAWAY!! Announcing the winner on December 23rd, 2019. 

And speaking of GIVEAWAYS, stay tuned for the ultimate giveaway when I announce my TOP 5 Luxury Gifts for 2019.

8 Nov

Making the Dealership Count: My Park Place Story

Glamorous and golden is how I felt during a recent visit to Park Place Motorcars Fort Worth. It was a rare day that I got to step away from the dull and demanding routine of writing and organizing, and it was thrilling to experience the actual inspiration part of having a blog. Because being a lifestyle expert is like 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. (These blog posts don’t write themselves, ladies!)

Of course, I was already familiar with Park Place Mercedes – I’ve been a client for over two decades. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve popped into my local Park Place dealership over the years, looking like total poo off the streets, and no one even bats an eye or misses a customer service beat.

My current Mercedes is almost 10 years old, and year after year, they’ve treated me like I’m a total baller client. I’ve even gotten to know the service advisors over the years as I’ve brought my car in for routine maintenance. I know it sounds weird to say that the people who service your car feel like family, but that’s honestly how it feels to me.

Unlike real family, however, no one at Park Place judges when I dive mouth-first into the piles of free snacks (and some of the snacks happen to accidentally fall into my tote bag).

They’re also happy to help when I spend way too long loading up on branded merch at the on-site boutique (what can I say, my husband loves himself a logo golf shirt!)

Don’t just take my word for it — check out the video below to see me give a quick tour of Park Place Motorcars Fort Worth and some behind the scenes photos. Be on the lookout later this month for my test drive videos with Park Place Mercedes, GM George Johnson, and all the fancy cars I got to drool over at the dealership, (and be ready to really, really want a new car!)

Photography by Laura McCarthy/Elusive Images

Videography by Josh Mills/Desert Wind Films