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13 Oct

Shop Local with Christmas in Fort Worth + $8K GIVEAWAY

Keep Your Christmas Shopping Local This Season

What if I told you I could boost your mood with a single word? This word is synonymous with all good things, like hope, happiness, family, faith, cookies, cakes, gratitude and gifts. You’ve probably figured out by now that I am talking about CHRISTMAS.

But this isn’t just any regular Christmas season, this is a COVID Christmas, and shopping local has never been more important than it is right at this very moment. Our precious local retail businesses in FW need some extra love this holiday season.

My friends at LOCAL Design Studios + Gallery have put together an incredible, COVID-compliant shopping event called Christmas in Fort Worth. More than 40 local retailers have joined together to spread the spirit of the season with amazing items, special deals, seasonal refreshments and … wait for it … A GIVEAWAY SO BIG IT’LL BLOW YOUR DONDER AND BLITZEN!!

It all kicks off THIS WEDNESDAY, October 14 and runs through October 17. Just think, you can cross off everyone on your gift list while also supporting the locally owned businesses that keep Fort Worth vibrant, creative and way better than Dallas. Be sure to circle back to my blog to share what you’ve bought – and whether it’s naughty or nice!

The $8,500 Christmas GIVEAWAY

In honor of kicking off the Christmas in Fort Worth shopping experience, I’ve pulled together some of my very favorite local retailers for the most incredible INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY Fort Worth has ever seen! And one very very lucky winner is going to walk away with over $8,500 in incredible gifts.

It’s actually quite simple on how to enter. Just click HERE and you’ll be well on your way to potentially winning Santa’s Sack of loot in a Jack Frost second!


b Kids $58 Spiritual Gangster Sweatshirt + $50 Gift Card
Bee Street Gallery $200 Gift Card
Birdie $250 Woven Tote + $50 Gift Card
Bow Next Door $50 Shop Credit
Brooke Wright Designs $800 Shopping Party w/ 8 friends
Casey & Co $275 Louis Vuitton cuff and necklace
CB Furs $95 Fox Headband/Neck Warmer in Cobalt
$90 Cashmere Gloves in Black
Clearly Handbags $185 Purse with Strap
Climate FW $125 Patagonia Pullover
Covey House $100 Gift Card
Cowtown Made $50 Gift Card
Domain XCIV $150 Gift Card
Esther Penn $50 Gift Card
Feastivities $250 Gift Card
GalleyWinter Gallery $50 Ginger Ray Walker Art Piece
Grove + Coop $200 Booking Credit
Haltom’s Jewelers $750 Lagos Sterling Black Caviar
and Diamond Bracelet
House Essential $100 Gift Card
Into the Garden $100 Gift Card
JAG Jewelry and Goods $210 George in Blue Shirting
John L Ashe $500 Gift Card
Keeping up with the Joneses $100 Gift Card
Kori Green Jewelry $100 Gift Card
Lila Hayes $150 Gift Card
Move Athleisure $375 worth of Gift Card + Product
Park + Eighth $85 Candle with 22Kt Gold Embellishments
Prippie $100 Gift Code
PS The Letter $125 Fall bundle
PS The Letter Paper $100 Stationery Set
RM Rynd Interiors $175 Agate Bookends
Shop Small – The Collective $50 Gift Card
Simple Things $300 Gift Card
Stanley Eisenman Shoes $130 Running Shoes
The Squire Shop $500 Gift Certificate for Peter Millar Products
Three FW $125 Gift Card
Tot to Teen $38 Enewton Egirl Necklace
Wag $400 Buffalo print Dog Bed, Treats + more
WRARE $120 Bullet Proof Shotgun Shell Barware of 4
Wright at Home $110 Vietri Tumbler Set of 4
You Deserve It! Vacations $500 Travel Credit
19 Sep

11 Tips for creating your next Outdoor Patio Party

Riedel PS The Letter

Fall into Autumn with my personal favorite tips and tricks for hosting the ultimate outdoor social.

Dining al fresco surrounded by close family and friends is the optimal way to welcome the beautiful fall weather that’s right around the corner here in Fort Worth.

And boy, I am really looking forward to the change of seasons in the Lone Star State! Don’t let the door kick you on the way out, 110-degree weather!

Outdoor social events and patio parties have been a staple in my family since I was a little girl. I watched my mom throw both elaborate and opulent events, to the more simple of gatherings.

In my eyes, she was and still is the ultimate queen bee of entertaining. I enjoy following in her footsteps while putting my own personal touches and a little flair to my parties.

1. Please, Don’t Come In!

In order to avoid the doorbell ringing a hundred times, I will put a sign near the front door to direct people around to the back of the house. Not having to answer the door multiple times allows you as the host to enjoy mingling with guests.

Porch Party
Patio Sign

2. Conversation Starters

When entertaining, I always have something humorous or a good conversation starter located at the bar. Usually, the napkins or Styrofoam cups do the talking, but I’ve been known to bust out a bowl of penis mints to get the ladies laughing.

Adding your own personal and/or humorous touch to parties helps create the belly-laughing moments that you and your friends will reminisce about for years to come. BTW, I always find lots of humorous goodies for entertaining at the Ft.Worth Junior Leagues’s Christmas in Cowtown Holiday Gift Market every October.

fun styrofoam cups
fun cocktail napkins

3. Garden Clippings

You can go hog wild with garden clippings when it comes to decorating your space for a patio party. Even if you don’t have blooming flowers on your property, different types of greenery make for a lovely botanical look.

Of course, you can always run to Central Market for some colorful stems to pair with your fresh cuttings. For this event, I actually did go to Central Market and I arranged the flowers the evening before.

garden flowers
Central Market flowers

4. Food for Thought

Sky’s the limit when it comes to feeding your guests, but when entertaining outside, be mindful of items melting or spoiling in direct sun.

Claudia Sheddy, the owner My Sweet Roots, has catered several gatherings for me, and I absolutely love her presentation of food. Every time I’ve used her, I receive calls the next day asking for her contact information.

My Sweet Roots
My Sweet Roots

5. The Bar Scene

Although I always have at least one server for parties, even patio parties, there are times when I love to set the bar up for self-service. There is always at least one invitee who takes the initiative to man the bar and pour the refills. It’s also the perfect way for guest to mingle with one another- especially if they have never met.

Patio Bar
Patio Bar
Patio Champagne

6. Stemware Don’t Care

Throughout the years, I’ve lost many Baccarat crystal glasses when I hosted parties. To minimize stress and broken stemware, I decided to keep my sanity and my crystal intact and invest in Riedel stemware from PS The Letter. If one of these glasses were to break, I’m not calculating additional cost in my budget for party planning. Phew.

Plus, there’s nothing better than enjoying a drink out of a Riedel wine glass. The impact you will experience from the shape and size of their grape varietal specific glasses brings out the true flavors of your wine grape.  Ahh…

Riedel PS The Letter
Riedel Wine Glass Patio Party

7. Always Overbuy

I always overbuy for an event to ensure I never run out- especially when it comes to the limes and alcohol. It is so much easier to return unused items than send someone to make another run right in the middle of your party. I also make sure everything I use for patio entertaining is disposable except for the serving pieces and stemware. This makes for easy cleanup and just an overall less stressful event.

Patio Liquor
Topo Chico Patio Party
Patio Party Limes
Plastic Flatware

8. For the Smoking Guests

Ashtrays are imperative. Although most of my friends don’t smoke, it never fails… a few cocktails in and a some of them will bust out the cancer sticks and get their social smoking game on. I can guarantee a few of your guests will be itching to light up a fresh stogie while enjoying the crisp fall evening at your party.

Crystal Ashtray

9. Let’s Get Comfortable

For this party, I set the bar up on the center table in the loggia, where people usually sit down to eat. Although there are plenty of fun places to serve drinks, being mindful of shade is crucial to keeping your ice from melting and glasses getting warm. Small details to consider such as making sure there are enough shady spots for guests to mingle around before the sun goes down. Keeping guests feeling comfortable and happy is imperative.  It will also make you look like a seasoned hostess!

Patio Seating
Patio Seating
Patio Party by the pool

10. Big Ass Balloons

And sometimes, you just need a few Big Ass Balloons as your statement pieces to tie in the full look. This Dallas-Houston company knows how to float a party when it comes to helium. Big air, don’t care!

Big Ass Balloons patio party
Big Ass Balloon party

11. Keep Them Entertained

I usually add a bit of entertainment when I host an event. If it’s not a strolling magician, it might be a balloon artist, lip reader or DJ. But for this occasion, I turned the satellite radio on and piped in through the outdoor speakers.

Alta Drive patio Party
Alta Drive Patio Party

Photography by Maria Ciszek


All in all, keeping your patio party fun, lighthearted, relaxing, and simple will make for a great time! Don’t stress about the small details and don’t be afraid to hire a few extra hands so that you can enjoy your own party. So, sit back, relax, grab yourself a chilled glass of Rose, and make sure those Texas mosquitos don’t bite as you host a beautiful patio party of your own!

PS The Letter
Central Market
Big Ass Balloons
Junior League Christmas in Cowtown

Now who’s ready to kick off these gorgeous temperatures with the perfect giveaway for your next gathering? One lucky hostess will win an entertainment spread to kickstart her next outdoor social.

– A Box of 4 Riedel Wine Glasses from PS The Letter $45

– Floral Arrangement from Fort Worth Central Market $35

– Big Ass Balloon gift certificate $50

– 2 Tickets for Christmas in Cowtown $25

Please read the OFFICIAL RULES & DISCLAIMERS located in the Rafflecopter link below.